OnePlace Pays for Itself in No-time Flat

OnePlace pays for itself in several ways, including:

  1. Increased field time
  2. Reduced phone calls to headquarters and regional offices
  3. Increases in sales

Increased Field Time

OnePlace puts information in the hands of the sales reps when they need it and where they need it, which reduces their office time and increases their time with retailers. Our lottery sales force automation solutions have been proven to increase field time by as much as 22%. This is equivalent to adding 2 new sales reps for every 10 you currently have on staff. 

Reduced Phone Calls

Phone calls to the office are dramatically reduced by pro-actively providing information that sales reps call into the office for like credits, adjustments, settlements, pack statuses, and more, phone calls to the office are dramatically reduced. This reduction in phone calls allows sales reps to spend more time with retailers and frees up managers and staff that are on the other end of those calls. 

Increases in Sales

OnePlace helps sales reps increase sales at their retailers by providing them with timely and accurate retailer sales information, instant ticket inventory information, and empowering them to increase retailer winner awareness. Additionally, OnePlace's Instant Game Alerts™ let sales reps know when retailers have not put new games on display and when valuable retail real estate is being squandered by having stale packs on display. While each lotteries return on investment calculation is unique, generally speaking, if each sales rep can increase their territory sales by a only few hundred dollars per week, that increase will pay for the investment in OnePlace - that's just one pack of scratch tickets per week!

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