We create software for those that are true believers, for those that love the lottery industry and know that its best days lie ahead.


The Orchestra Platform

Everything you need to work in harmony

The magic of an orchestra lies in its precision and exactness. Every member has nearly perfect information in the form of sheet music and a clear view of the conductor.

Our new Orchestra Platform brings that precision and exactness to the lottery industry -- it is a seamlessly integrated suite of products that enables a lottery's field sales team, inside sales team, product managers, and retailers to work in unity.


OnePlace - Sales Force Automation

Let’s face it, sales visits are expensive. Each visit to a retailer is a big investment, so it’s important to make each retailer visit count. OnePlace helps shift reps from reactive to proactive mode. We call it “walking in with a mission.”  Click here to learn how OnePlace helps.

InTouch - Retailer Engagement

It's a simple fact that engaged retailers sell more and provide better customer service to lottery players. Lottery sales representatives do a great job of keeping retailers engaged, but unfortunately, they can't always be there.  Click here to learn how inTouch helps. 

Rhythm - Enlightened Instant Ticket Ordering

Our totally unique approach of combining the human insights of the instant ticket product management team and field sales representatives with advanced algorithms has helped lotteries like the New York Lottery and Virginia Lottery achieve tremendous results.

Folio - Product Managers Rejoice

Having the right mix of games on the street at the right time is essential to a lottery’s success. Folio is a product manager's best friend; it gives them the answers to what happens when the tickets they launch meet the retail network.

Proven Results

Nearly half of all U.S. lotteries use Hudson Alley's solutions to drive sales.


Hudson Alley’s solutions are used by 22 lotteries, and counting. Lotteries from New York to California and from Maine to Washington State rely on and trust Hudson Alley’s proven technology everyday.

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