InTouch's Education through Gamification

Just like lottery sales reps are the face of the lottery to retailers, the retailer is the face of the lottery to players. It’s important for retailers to understand your games; if they don’t understand them, how likely is it that players will? InTouch™ helps keep store associates educated and trained by using gamification.

Gamification is the technique of using game mechanics in non-game situations and is often used to drive website user engagement. With InTouch™, we use gamification in a few ways.

Points and Badges

Retailers can earn points and badges by using InTouch.

Gamification is used to drive retailers back to the apps and website by allowing them to earn points and badges. For example, they might earn 30 points for watching the newest lottery commercial, they might earn 5 points each day they view a planogram, and they might earn the “Age Verification Ninja” badge for watching a 5 minute video on how to verify a player’s driver license.

Points and badges can be used to earn prizes like lottery hats and beach towels, or can be used to enter users into drawings. Wouldn’t it be great for a store associate to learn about the lottery’s latest games and promotions and earn a chance to win a gift card at the same time? 


The Leaderboard fosters competitiveness between retailers.

The Leaderboard fosters competitiveness between retailers.

InTouch™ also uses gamification in the form of leaderboards. Retailers are very competitive; they care less about their lottery sales than they care about the lottery sales of the stores nearby. Let’s use that healthy competition to our advantage! InTouch's™  leaderboards are based on sales increases rather than sales, which means that even low volume retailers can participate. If they can increase their sales by a higher percentage than other retailers in their territory, they earn a spot at the top of the board. 



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  2. Dynamic Planograms™
  3. Mobile, Tablet, and Computer Friendly
  4. Retailer Sales, Settlements, and Inventory
  5. Instant Game Information
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