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Lottery Software Solutions
For True Believers

We create products for those who, like us, are true believers; those that love the lottery industry and know that its best days are in front of us.


Hudson Alley’s solutions are used by 19 lotteries, and counting. Nearly half of all U.S. lotteries rely on and trust Hudson Alley’s proven technology everyday.

Lottery Technology Solutions and Sales Force Automation

Hudson Alley creates software products that enable lotteries to improve their success by helping them to increase sales and operate more efficiently and effectively. As jurisdictions are faced with the challenge of getting more done with less resources, our solutions help them meet these new challenges.

The next generation of cloud-based, lottery-specific, sales force software. Optimized for iPad and web.

  • Budget-Friendly Investment

    OnePlace is subscription-based and offered for a monthly fee, rather than for a large, upfront licensing investment.

  • Experience Matters

    We believe that experience matters and nobody has more experience in lottery sales force automation than Hudson Alley Software. In fact, 18 jurisdictions (and counting) rely on our software, all-day, every-day, to drive sales and stay organized.

Our powerful, yet simple-to-use, Tablet PC-based lottery sales force automation solution. OrderPad has been trusted by the world’s most successful lotteries for a decade.